The time has come!

We got both of our computers completely set up today and I can finally upload pictures. Be prepared to be bombarded by limited text and TONS of photos (stories are more interesting if they have visual representation anyway)! When I can figure out how to make a pop-up blog, you’ll never want to leave šŸ™‚

So, first up. The one and only picture of our house:

So cute….

Interior pictures WILL follow (our kitchen is turquoise!) but not until the house is clean. Again. It really has been clean since we moved in, I swear! I just haven’t chronicled the event yet. I’m going to blame it on the fact that it only happens when company is coming, thus the frantic, spaztic, stressed out nature of my brain at the time… someday I will clean it justĀ  for us but, until then, it remains a pigsty unless there is someone we need to impress. Or at least not repulse.

Alright, on to the garden. Our landscaping, as a whole, is lacking. We haven’t really done much so I don’t have sweeping pictures of our backyard yet. That will have to wait till we really work on it this spring. In the meantime, I have been taking pictures of what we do have.

This isĀ  from a new rose bush I planted in our flowerbed. They don’t have the sturdy, traditional petals like the pink rose bush that was already established at our place but they are the most fragrant ones I have ever encountered. Amazing!

This guy decided to erupt with 14 buds from one stalk. It was the most beautiful cluster of neon pink!

While we were aware that we had a rosebush in the backyard, the hydrangeas were a big surprise.

This is one bush in our backyard. We have 2 more giants in the front! This one has multi-colored blooms that range from pinkĀ  to blue. It’s beautiful! It’s so nice to have flowers like this that you can just cut and put on your kitchen table. We have had fresh flowers in the house since we moved here. It’s been such a luxury! I plan on expanding our garden so that we can have some diversity but my goal is to have loads of good ‘cut’ flowers so I can experiment with arrangements. Can’t wait!

All right, that’s it for now. I’m extremely sleepy and am therefore lacking wit and interest… I’ll post again soon with pictures of our beach trip!

Anyway, I’m off to school tomorrow for my first day in my new master’s program (who knew I would wish for the days of familiar music theory?). I’m embarrassingly nervous but a little excited too. So here’s to new adventures in a completely foreign subject! GAH!! WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?!?!?!?!

*deep inhale*

I’m fine, I’m fine. Really, it’ll be fine…