New state, new adventures

A word to those who know me:

Yes, I am blogging. And no, I don’t think that I am so important that you will be anxiously anticipating every Times New Roman word that arrives on your softly glowing computer screen. BUT I figured for those who aren’t in daily contact with my mom, this may be something interesting to glance at every few months just to see what’s going on in our distant world.

I only ask one thing of you: don’t judge my poor grammar and excessive use of run-on sentences.

We did it! We made our move official over a month ago and the house still isn’t fully unpacked… it’s amazing how time consuming re-organization can be (or rather, organization in general). Our two bedroom house is getting there though. We have a basement full of boxes that can stay put while I sit on the floor of my little office and wonder “Where did all of this come from and where am I going to put it?” Ah, the joys of hoarding (on a very small scale, mind you). My husband told me I should take before and after pictures of that one room but to be honest, it’s a little embarrassing! I figure the before and after photos of our garden would be more interesting and less humiliating for me. We’ll see if that happens! I’ve been remiss on the ‘before’ photos and the ‘after’ photos don’t have the same impact if you haven’t seen what we had to work with… ‘sigh’. I’m sure there will be something disastrous to showcase at some point. Meanwhile, I have one photo of our house that my old computer deigned to upload (that’s a whole other story). Unfortunately, it only shows the chimney…

By this time next week (I’m crossing my fingers) I’ll be writing on a new computer, and with that working luxury will come a world of photos! Plus, more updates on the adventures we have already had (illustrated of course).

So I leave you with the joy of knowing that it is 76 degrees here, breezy, and sunny. But don’t be jealous my fellow Texans, I’m storing up the sunshine for the 6 months of damp darkness that will inevitably come. And then you can gloat that it’s 76 degrees and sunny where you are! Until next time, enjoy your weekend and that summer heat~

On a side note, I don’t plan on blogging on a daily basis. I’m thinking with my propensity for procrastination, once a week is a much more attainable goal. Plus, I don’t do many interesting things and I seriously doubt a recount of my two cats daily activities qualifies as ‘interesting’.