Happy New Year!!

Oh man. It’s been a crazy year! Lots of changes for us but that’s a good thing 🙂 I don’t necessarily see change as a bad thing… It’s not something I’ve ever really been afraid of. It’s something that can bring great anxiety or uncertainty, but those things, when you stop to think about them, aren’t, in themselves, bad things to come across. For those who haven’t kept up with my daily life, I had always planned to live abroad. My great dream was to be an opera singer. I wanted to live in Italy and be immersed in the language. I wanted to have the freedom to travel to France and Germany to expand on my few lessons in those languages. My dream was to be a world traveler, an exceptional attribution to my craft, and to be fluent in apparently 4 languages. At least!

But plans change. Life happens! And “life” tends to hit you with experiences that you never prepared yourself for. Such as falling in love. And marrying that man who was meant to be your soulmate (even if his life plan was to take you to Washington instead of Florence). But who’s to say that you weren’t meant for Vancouver? And who’s to say that your soulmate won’t take you to Florence anyway? I was lucky enough to marry someone who wants to travel as much as I do! Our main destinations may be different but we both still want to travel. And while I may feel the need to start a family soon, I don’t see that as stopping our 17 hour flights. Who knows? Maybe we will be blessed with calm children who don’t fuss half of the day! Maybe we will be those folks who can take their children abroad and continue exploring despite the extra baggage. Or maybe we’ll be the folks who take the plunge, drop everything in the states, and move to Europe anyway. Because we want to. Because we want to experience different cultures and raise our children to be bilingual (not solely due to our proximity to Mexico). Who knows? All I know is that I’m pretty content where I am. Yes, I miss Texas. But I don’t miss Texas for Texas. I miss it for the people that it holds. The friends and family that I left behind. And looking at Midlands weather, I apparently miss it for the snow!

BUT I spent 5 good winter years in Tulsa, Oklahoma. And those winters were harsh! Beautiful, yes, but ice doesn’t make for a friendly car companion. There were many days when I couldn’t leave my home. Including when the electricity went out during finals and I couldn’t drive to campus or heat my house. I’ve never wanted my cats to cuddle with me more. It was freezing! Whose thermometer says 45? Really! And I had no fireplace… Anyway! Weather all the way up in Washington has been much less brutal.

So, happy new year! Enjoy what you have because someone else has it worse off. And if you have snow, be happy you have heat 🙂