Wow…I am really bad at this.

So, as family knows (and a few friends) we had a pretty fun summer and a really tragic autumn. This has kept me from posting for multiple reasons and I only post now to tell you…I will probably stop posting.

Shocking! But the truth is, we are finally moving back to Texas and are expecting our first little boy (due in August). So in light of those life changes, the name  “A Texan in Washington” will simply no longer be applicable. Plus, all of the events that I would feel the need to write about would probably only be interesting to myself and the grandparents of our future baby. I don’t think the world wants to know that Little Leger made the vowel sound ‘ee’ today or that our laundry basket is full of burp cloths (fascinating!). Granted, I may want ten minutes to myself and come to the computer to blog about…something else that may be going on in our lives… although at this point, I don’t anticipate that happening. HOWEVER, it may. And in that case, I’ll have a new blog set up and maybe even post pictures of our goats and chickens instead of  our baby. We’ll see. By the way, new place in Texas? Goats and chickens. I was serious about that one.

So, in lieu of spring, marathon packing, future house renovations, farming attempts, and at least two 3 day car trips down to Texas, I bid you adieu. For now 🙂

I have a feeling as soon as we get settled in, I’ll be scouting the pages of wordpress for a new blog template and will post an embarrassing amount of boring pictures. Have fun looking at those!