Look out snow covered Mt Rainier, I’m wearing shorts!

Ok, so I’ve lived here for over a year now and this is the first time we’ve gone to the mountains. I mean, I can see Mt Hood and Mt Saint Helens on a clear day but we hadn’t actually trekked over to these beautiful stone monuments until a few weeks ago (and we still haven’t actually “trekked over” to either of those mountains yet). We went to Mt Rainier instead! And little did we know that there would still be literal walls of snow in late June…

Patrick and I have been talking about going camping again basically since it started raining (so it’s been a while!) and we planned a brief trip to Mt Rainier. I was responsible for making sure we had everything together as we went to REI and got Patrick a new sleeping bag (he nearly froze   last summer when we went to Crater Lake), a nice blow-up insert, and I filled up the cooler full of sandwhiches for the road and raw meat for the burgers we were going to grill. I had my first aid kit, sunscreen, bug spray, protein bars and a gallon of water.

Unfortunately, I forgot the tent.

My bad. I don’t know how I missed it…

Anyway, due to me forgetting the only thing that makes camping actually camping, we got to stay here instead. With an attached bathroom!

Pretty, right?
So, we really had no idea that Mt Rainier would still be covered in snow in late June (clearly!). The last time Patrick was there, which was a while ago, he went in late August and believe me, two more months of 80 degree weather will make a big difference. I think we’ll be going back in about 6 weeks to get the whole experience and hopefully be able to climb the mountain trail this time. It was still fun though and very beautiful! I kind of liked playing in the snow in my shorts and it definitely looked like a winter wonderland. I mean, it’s not very often you get to throw snowballs or go sledding in the middle of summer 🙂
Ridiculous!  Anyway, there was really only one hike that we took where the trails weren’t covered in snow. This wasn’t one of those trails… but the base of it was gorgeous and relatively snow free.
One last picture and then I’m off to do house work 🙂

Every time I think I’m on top of things…

…something else comes up and I realize just how little I have actually accomplished! It’s been over one month since I last posted and there is literally no excuse for the delay. Last time I signed into my page I had already organized the photos for my next 3 posts (which is the only remotely lengthy process for my blogging style) and look where that got me! Five weeks and at least 2 new adventures later and still no post. Pathetic! I’m so behind!!

So, while I had planned to have a new weekly post for you the entire month of June, um, well, it obviously didn’t happen, so I’m gonna combine the adventures we had (IN APRIL!!!) in this post. Because, honestly, I have at least 2 more things to blog about and then we head to Europe so that’s a whole new can of worms and hundreds more pictures that I must share with the world! SO. MUCH. BLOGGING! But hey, at least we’re finally out of the house!

So, our first field trip after our dreary winter was actually a trip to the coast again. We stayed in this beautiful hotel right on the beach, watched a breathtaking sunset and explored what has become our favorite beach town EVER: Cannon Beach! Oh CB, why can’t your housing be remotely affordable so we can buy a summer home here?


That seagull was so awesome. And the pics of the sunset can’t really do it justice. But that was from our hotel room porch, so that’s kinda cool. Next!

Tulip farm in Woodland, WA!! This was so much fun, this was the last weekend in April and the first time it warmed up to be over 80 degrees! Or maybe it was just 80… I don’t remember. All I know is that it was finally sunny and I got sunburned for the first time since moving here. And that was weird. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Cutest place ever, right? They had food stations, bouncy houses, and games set up for the kids and I wish I had taken a picture of all that (think of a mini fair) but I was too in awe of the technicolor flowers slapping me in the face. Crazy! Next 🙂

This is a park that we went hiking around last month that is the middle of Portland. We were in Lower Macleay Park which leads to the Pittock Mansion. We did not know that at the time so here’s a picture of what we missed out on.Image

I can’t believe we didn’t hike on… I’ve been wanting to see this ever since my friend Sara told me about it. I guess we will just have to go back. Oh! Here is where we turned around though, it’s really cool but not quite so grand…ImageImage

And we naively thought this was all there was to see and that this was the end of the trail. Silly Leger’s… but the trek up to this “cabin” was gorgeous. I mean, this place was in the middle of town and only about 15 minutes away from our house in Vancouver. It’s definitely one of the coolest things about living up here!ImageImageImageImageImage

And by the way, I love mushrooms. I am already planning to devote an entire post to all of the wild fungus up here. I mean, look how pretty and colorful! You might being seeing this picture again in the near future.

So there’s that! I’ve got to cut this short because my cat just stunk up my office and I have to get out of here… until later!