Every time I think I’m on top of things…

…something else comes up and I realize just how little I have actually accomplished! It’s been over one month since I last posted and there is literally no excuse for the delay. Last time I signed into my page I had already organized the photos for my next 3 posts (which is the only remotely lengthy process for my blogging style) and look where that got me! Five weeks and at least 2 new adventures later and still no post. Pathetic! I’m so behind!!

So, while I had planned to have a new weekly post for you the entire month of June, um, well, it obviously didn’t happen, so I’m gonna combine the adventures we had (IN APRIL!!!) in this post. Because, honestly, I have at least 2 more things to blog about and then we head to Europe so that’s a whole new can of worms and hundreds more pictures that I must share with the world! SO. MUCH. BLOGGING! But hey, at least we’re finally out of the house!

So, our first field trip after our dreary winter was actually a trip to the coast again. We stayed in this beautiful hotel right on the beach, watched a breathtaking sunset and explored what has become our favorite beach town EVER: Cannon Beach! Oh CB, why can’t your housing be remotely affordable so we can buy a summer home here?


That seagull was so awesome. And the pics of the sunset can’t really do it justice. But that was from our hotel room porch, so that’s kinda cool. Next!

Tulip farm in Woodland, WA!! This was so much fun, this was the last weekend in April and the first time it warmed up to be over 80 degrees! Or maybe it was just 80… I don’t remember. All I know is that it was finally sunny and I got sunburned for the first time since moving here. And that was weird. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Cutest place ever, right? They had food stations, bouncy houses, and games set up for the kids and I wish I had taken a picture of all that (think of a mini fair) but I was too in awe of the technicolor flowers slapping me in the face. Crazy! Next 🙂

This is a park that we went hiking around last month that is the middle of Portland. We were in Lower Macleay Park which leads to the Pittock Mansion. We did not know that at the time so here’s a picture of what we missed out on.Image

I can’t believe we didn’t hike on… I’ve been wanting to see this ever since my friend Sara told me about it. I guess we will just have to go back. Oh! Here is where we turned around though, it’s really cool but not quite so grand…ImageImage

And we naively thought this was all there was to see and that this was the end of the trail. Silly Leger’s… but the trek up to this “cabin” was gorgeous. I mean, this place was in the middle of town and only about 15 minutes away from our house in Vancouver. It’s definitely one of the coolest things about living up here!ImageImageImageImageImage

And by the way, I love mushrooms. I am already planning to devote an entire post to all of the wild fungus up here. I mean, look how pretty and colorful! You might being seeing this picture again in the near future.

So there’s that! I’ve got to cut this short because my cat just stunk up my office and I have to get out of here… until later!


Forrest and Eric come to Washington!

Patrick’s sister and her boyfriend were the third round of guests we’ve received up here in Washington! Forrest and Eric came to visit in the middle of September and we did the usual round of activities: beach, gardens, general roaming about. We were able to hang out a little bit more in downtown Portland, which Patrick and I haven’t done since our honeymoon, and it was really fun. Aside from sleeping on couches, I think they had a pretty good time too 🙂 Unfortunately, the only thing I documented was our beach trek but since we saw lighthouses and seals, it’s totally worth posting about!

First of all, we get to Cannon Beach and it’s only 57 degrees. And the first thing Patrick does is tell Forrest to lay down in the grass for pics.

And then fail to help her up…

Thank goodness for boyfriends!

So to be fair, we had Eric pose for some shots too.

Very fancy. And the only one who tried climbing on top of that pole.

Now for some beach photos!

All of these pictures with the light house took place in Newport at Yaquina Head. And the photo above is of all the seals attempting to sunbathe on their little island. It was so adorable! There was one little guy bobbing about in the sea just watching us. It was ridiculous!

This little guy above was flitting about while I climbed the stairs back up to the lighthouse. It was nearly impossible to get a shot of him. Seriously. Lots of flitting.

And so that statement makes more sense, when you arrive at this place on the coast you pull into a national park. You park your car on the same level as the lighthouse and then they have, like, 5 sets of stairs you can climb down so you can go to the tiny beach at the bottom of the “cliff”. The first and only other time I had been here was on our honeymoon. In January. And it didn’t look any different then as it did in September 🙂 BUT I love this lighthouse. I love the cloudy skies in the background and the overall creepiness that it exudes. It’s pretty much my favorite. And exactly how I picture a “lighthouse” (why does that need “quotes”?). So, that’s why there are too many photos of it. It’s awesome. And I’m letting you know that it’s awesome by posting the same picture. Over, and over again. Are you feeling the awesomeness? You should be! Or I’ll just have to post 12 more pictures…

OMG! A lighthouse!

So there was actually a really great view from the lighthouse. These telescopes were behind Yaquina and what you can see in the right corner is another rocky island. There were birds flocking all around it and we wanted to know if the seals congregated over there as well. They didn’t…

So that’s it! Next time around, which will probably be sometime this weekend, I’ll show you the few pictures of our leaf-filled yard. It’s fall people! And it’s raining… BUT for the first time since this summer, our yard looks AWESOME! It’s finally green! And very overgrown. But that’s irrelevant. It’s green! Just in time for it to start dying. Also irrelevant! Enjoy your weekend, and think of me while I try to figure out our health insurance options…Yay?

Our first trek!

As most of you know, we ended up moving to the Portland/Vancouver area in early June. Well, it took us a while to actually do some sightseeing. The first place we ventured to was the beach. Cannon Beach to be exact. It is the cutest, most picturesque beach town I’ve ever seen and if it wouldn’t cost us over $150, 000 to have a house for 3 months out of the year, we would totally move there. For real. It’s precious! One of the best perks about scoping this place out (which is only an hour and a half west of us, by the way) was that we found this adorable, independent fabric shop on the main strip by the beach called Center Diamond Fabric Store ( http://www.centerdiamond.com ). I had been drooling over some fabric for quite a while when I got the idea in my head to make my own soundproof tiles for my office space. This tiny room I’m typing in also houses my piano, my music stand, and ALL my music. Anyway, I’ve seen some cute ‘art’ that doubles as cheap soundproofing material and the fabric I wanted to use for this project has been really hard to come by. Well, low and behold, little Cannon Beach actually had it in stock! I know, super boring story, but this was probably the most exciting event about our move! How dull am I? So here’s the fabric, and here’s the store (I told you I was going to be posting gratuitous amounts of pictures now that I have a new computer).

So cute!! I also have some coordinating fabric to go with it and to make curtains and stuff. We’ll see when all that happens.

This was such a fun little shop. It makes me want to take a trip to Cannon Beach every time I feel like looking at fabric. Who cares if Portland is only 2 miles away? This comes with the ocean! Right next door was a beautiful blown glass shop. They had some gorgeous pieces and you could also watch the artist work. I want to live here!

And yes, I know my pictures are awful, but I was trying to get these while we were walking so don’t hate.

Off to the beach! First up, the overall view of the beachfront part of town. Not to mention the ridiculous hills in the background. Good grief, just give me a tent and a blanket and I could have spent all of July there.

The main attraction for this particular beach is the big formation called Haystack Rock. If you want some fancy pictures, you can google it. It’s cool. And there a lot of rock formations along this beach, it reminds me a bit of the Maine coast. It’s really pretty and clean. The only drawback is that it’s a bit chilly. And if my family is reading this, I think you would agree with me that when you hear “beach” you think “heat”. I can’t help it, I still want my sand to be hot and my skin to be steaming! BUT this is beautiful. And if you want to smell that salty air and listen to the waves crash, this will do quite nicely. Just wear a sweater 🙂

And *Inhale*……..  Ah. Salty, sea air.

Now on to something awesome and a little creepy at the same time. Mound of starfish, seashells, and oysters. Oh my!

Weird. And a little gross. But from a distance, it’s totally fine! Way less slimey.

Oh! And the most important part! Patrick met his sailor twin there in Cannon Beach. It was  a truly eventful trip. Who knew he had a brother?

As a matter of fact, it was such an exciting encounter (although he was trying to mask his true feelings) that we skipped and danced down the street with an intensity that blew his shorts off. Again, who knew?

Seriously. Who forgets their pants?!?! Granted, these were maybe large enough to fit a 6 year old. But, nevertheless,  it’s awkwardly funny. You know, if you were there… *uncomfortable chuckle*

Good times.

So, I’m hoping to take one more trip there before fall settles in. It’s supposed to be in the upper 80’s/ low 90’s in Vancouver next week (I know, it’s awesome!) and it’s usually about 10 degrees cooler on the coast. I’m thinking that will be the time to go… you should all move here. Convince your in-laws that they need to come too and just move. I mean, I know it’s going to be rainy this winter but it sure beats 112 degrees and months of rainless days. Although, I say all that and yet I kind of miss that scorching heat. We were in Austin this past weekend and it was 107 and I thought it felt awesome! I’m not kidding! It was the epitome of summer and all my great memories of summertime in Midland and Austin came flooding back to me. Patrick’s not too keen on booking more weddings in Texas after this spring but I’m gonna need to feel my skin fry every now and then. Texas folks, here I come! Just let me use your pool.