Morgan turns 2!


To the random friend that I maybe haven’t talked to in years, who just might read this blog today, this is not my baby. My husband and I couldn’t possibly produce anything this blonde.

As some of you know and as some of you don’t, we have been flying back and forth from Vancouver (Washington, not Canada people… 😉 ) to Austin since we moved. Since two weeks after we moved. And it hasn’t stopped (oh why hasn’t it stopped?!?). September was awful. It actually started the last weekend in August and while we did have a break and flew to Wisconsin in the middle of it all, it was still flying. And it was still one more weekend away from home, thus delaying our quest to find a church. And just so you understand this schedule (we will come back to the adorable baby above, I promise) let me spell it out for you: over the past six weekends, we have been home for one. And these are long weekends. Sometimes leaving for our destination on Thursday and returning on Monday. Only to wash clothes, pack and leave again the following Thursday. It’s awful, I’m sick of it, and THANK GOODNESS we aren’t going anywhere today. And in case you’re wondering, because in my ranting I failed to tell you WHY we have been gone so often, we have booked weddings through November. Which is a really wonderful thing and I am so grateful that Patrick’s business is booming, but, 12-14 hours in an airport/airplane every weekend? Not cool. So after November (and really, right now) we are focusing our attention on getting everything ready  here! Patrick has rented a studio space downtown and we will be able to get in November 1st. That’s great news for us! I’ll be able to play a more pivotal role and actually help him with the business side of things, including updating his blog! Plus, I’ll get access to his basement office, turn it into my own, and have a real guest room upstairs (still with just a twin bed, but it’s better than the couch) I can’t wait! And believe me, I will be chronicling the transformation of that space (at home and downtown) and posting it here for all to see. Tell your Washington friends we’re open for business (you know someone this far north, right?) But this post is not about us! It’s about that ridiculously cute child that made you click on this post in the first place. And yes, we were in Austin for his second birthday!

So, like the amazing Aunt that I am, I presented Morgan with a handmade card, no envelope, and a book that I read, that wasn’t wrapped (he’s 2 ok and I’d been flying for 6 hours!) Granted, I really did plan on wrapping his present but, realistically, it just wasn’t going to happen. He did have some unopened gifts when we arrived  though and mom was nice enough to let him destroy the paper while we watched.

Yeah, not so destructive…pretty mild actually. But, and let’s take a deep breath for this one, “Awwwww, little naked Morgan” (he’ll hate me when he’s older. I have pictures of him in the bathtub and everything and someday, when he has a girlfriend and a fragile teenage psyche, I’ll tell the story about when I was changing his diaper and he peed on me…)

So one reason why I love these pictures so much is because they really tell a story:

Morgan: thinking, “Train! Train!”

Mom/Mawmaw: Uhhh, I can’t figure out how this works… Patrick?

Patrick: Hmm, let’s see…

Patrick: Yep, got it.

Mom/Mawmaw: Ah!

Morgan: Why can’t I play with my train?

Morgan: Finally!

So precious. And Patrick was able to sit back and lovingly watch his nephew play. For two whole minutes.

Patrick: Woah!

Morgan: I’m sleepy…

And to be fair, we all played with the train. It was pretty awesome and it totally ran on it’s own. I mean, I took over after these shots were taken there just isn’t any visual proof. It’s kind of nice being the one with the camera!

And sorry to Forrest and Eric for moving your post back… I just couldn’t resist posting these of Morgan. I’ll get you guys up soon! Maybe even on Facebook (woah!).


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