Camping and company

Last month we ventured out on our first camping trip in Oregon. We headed over to Crater Lake and got to see snow in August! It was pretty amazing. Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the U.S. and the second deepest in all of North America. Its water is brilliantly blue as it has very little pollutants due to its lack of tributaries (some of the purest fresh water in the United States!). The lake is fed entirely by rain and snow and I wish these pictures could do it justice:

See that clump of trees? They call that Wizard Island because it looks like a sorcerers hat and when the fog rolls in it tends to disappear. The little white speck below it is a boat and they give tours out to it. Next time we go I want to take one 🙂

I love the snow on the beach and the mountain in the back- it was breathtaking!

And to show you how vividly blue the water is just notice how washed out the sky looks. That lake glows!

As we drove around the area (the lake has a rim you can drive around that is 33 miles long, not to mention twisty and terrifying) we saw some gorgeous things. Like this cold white stuff:

Another amazing view below (ridiculous, right?):

And my personal favorite. I thought it looked like a sea monster with tentacles coming out of its mouth and head… pretty gnarly 😉

Now, if I was really a good blogger I would have chronicled our tent setup, our long attempt at a camp fire (it finally caught on), and made a video of us freezing our butts off while we desperately tried to get comfortable. This is only the second time I’ve gone camping. Once in Texas in February (32 degrees, thank you) and in August in Oregon (40 degrees, oy). Both times it was the worst sleep of my life and I still want to do it again. It’s a sickness really. Someone, please help me.

Anyway, I think it was a day later that we had company again and this time it was Patrick’s mom. We had a really good time while she was in town even though her trip was brief (she was getting ready to go to Mexico for 3 months so it’s amazing that she was able to come at all!). We had kind of a low key visit which is always nice but we did head to Multnomah Falls for a little bit. Benne, these are for you (and seriously the only pictures I took while you were here, what was I thinking?):

She looks so much like Renee Zellweger, I love it!

So that’s all folks! Short but sweet. Next time around I’ll show you pics of Forrest and Eric’s visit, we went to Yaquina Head Lighthouse so stay tuned. It was also amazing 🙂


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