Mom’s in town!

She really isn’t. But she was here in August. BUT before I get into the randomness that ensued, I must include a few photos that I took with this blog in mind. MY CATS! I would tell you all the cute things they do but the truth is, they are really annoying. If they aren’t crying for food then they are crying to be let outside. Or they’re puking. Or they’re fighting. Or they’re scratching on our door for attention at 1 a.m. OR they’re chasing each other around the house, running into things and sliding on our wood floors… I love my cats?

I seriously don’t know how fatty (i.e. Pebbles, the calico) didn’t roll right off the chair… moving on!

So, my mama came back to see us about 2 weeks after we moved in, on August 1st. In an attempt to convince her that it’s awesome here, I took her to a few places that were just gorgeous! Granted, I didn’t have to do much convincing because the weather totally behaved for her. It was perfect! But I took her to the Japanese gardens, the Rose gardens, Multnomah Falls and some of the downtown sights anyway. Poor Patrick didn’t join us very often as he had a root canal the 2nd day she was here. So being a good wife I completely abandoned him and set out on the town with my mom (I’m sorry babe)! Let’s start with the gardens:

Bigger than her face! Crazy!

So, none of the “overview” shots really turned out well. There is simply no way of capturing those gardens in a photograph. There were roses everywhere! And this place was huge. We went here on our honeymoon (this park has the Japanese gardens and the zoo in it, too) but we had no idea the designated are for the roses was so enormous. I seriously remember a tiny space with hibernating plants and I thought, “Oh, that will be nice in the summer” but WOAH! Nice is an understatement. Anyway, I really shouldn’t go on about it because nothing I can say would do it justice. You just all need to come down here in July or August and we can tour the gardens together. It’s ridiculous. And so are the tiny ones:

Almost as adorable as my cats…

The Japanese gardens are next and I didn’t take too many pictures that day. I took TONS when I first went and I’ll probably take even more in the fall but it really didn’t look much different in August than it did in January. Which is kind of awesome.

Nice right? But the view at the top is even better!

I get to see this mountain every time I cross the river. It’s freakin’ gorgeous! I never thought I would live somewhere that has mountains AND a beach within 70 miles! That’s a little insane. Especially if you lived in the middle of Texas.

We also went to Multnomah falls in Bridal Veil, Oregon (love that name). This place is beautiful (shocking, I know) but seriously! The scenic route, which is super curvy and treacherous, is full of waterfalls, hiking trails and camping spots. All of this is right off of a major highway so you don’t have to take the scenic route but if you have time, you should. We saw so many falls that aren’t actually visible from I-84 that it’s worth the nausea.

This is roughly 620 feet tall. It claims to be the 2nd tallest year-round waterfall in the states but it is the tallest one in Oregon. We hiked up to the top of Multnomah Falls on our honeymoon and it is a pretty damp trek. It’s only about a 1 mile hike but I wouldn’t suggest it in cowboy boots. It’s quite slippery and if you look over the edge I can pretty much guarantee you’ll envision your untimely death. Due to your lack of proper footwear.

Mom didn’t venture too far. The heights really can get to you. But she liked it on the bridge!

And then things got REALLY crazy!

She’s a great cave monster 🙂 She’d be even scarier if she was in focus!

On our way out we saw Horsetail Falls (along with a whole bunch more) but didn’t stop for many. At the base of Multnomah Falls is a lodge that serves some pretty tasty food and we had eaten TONS! After walking up to the bridge we were tired and this is all we had the energy to look at:

Why do I even type? I should just take pictures of signs that tell you where I’ve been! Boring, I know, but I can’t resist leaving it in here…

This was actually pretty cool! So when I took this picture I was on a little ledge but if I had followed the trail to the ‘beach’ I would have seen this enormous tree with crazy roots that were sticking out in all directions from the sand. There wasn’t a big crowd at this sight but there were still some shoeless kids climbing all over this tree and some dogs splashing in the water. It felt like we had accidentally come across someone’s private pond. Made me want to go swimming 🙂

So, that’s mom’s visit in a nutshell. We also went to this adorable coffee shop that opened up about 2 blocks from our house ( We hit it up every morning. It’s kind of my new place to go since I can walk there and they actually have Almond syrup. Best lattes ever!!

Anyway, that’s it for today. I’ve got a cup of red wine (yes, a plastic juice cup) and some chicken nuggets waiting for me so I think I’ll go ahead and get to my heart healthy dinner. Until next time!


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